Livestream Recap: The 4 Biggest Takeaways You Need to Know

October 27th closed out the first four weeks of a normally weak and volatile October on a down note. Earnings reporting season was in full gear and the OHFG investment team was busy listening to, reading through, and analyzing management earnings calls, transcripts, and financial reports.  In between all the earnings news and sometimes chaos, Troy, Charles and I found time to film a YouTube Livestream on the evening of Thursday, October 26th titled “Navigating Market Volatility”.

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Over the 70 minutes of livestream, Troy Charles and I covered a lot of topics and content, some pre-submitted questions, and some real time questions from our viewing audience.  I want to personally thank all the attendees for dropping in and watching, and for those who were unable to, here’s a quick recap of topics and timing when they were covered if you want to jump to specific content.

Over the first 10 minutes, we covered recent interest rate moves higher and what it might mean for your bond and fixed income holdings.  We paid particular attention to the topic of “duration risk” in the bond market and how all bonds are not created equally, even those issued by the same company, institution, or government.  How the bond’s maturity, or when the bond comes due for principal payment, can have a material impact on the path of the price of the bond over its term, even though your interest income or coupon the bond pays stays the same.

For those of you interested in our bond and interest rate discussion, this might be an interesting segment from the Livestream for you to watch. (time 2:30-5)

Over the next 10+ minutes, our team covered how the changes and rise in both short-term interest rates, which are those controlled largely by the Federal Reserve, and longer-term interest rates, largely determined by market players, over the last 18 months have affected stock prices through both earnings and changes in valuation metrics. We also covered the effect of rising and falling inflation and investors expectations for inflation can shape stock fundamentals.  Finally, we covered one of my favorite subjects, that of real interest rates and how their rise from mid-July through late October was a leading factor in the both the rise in interest rates and pullback in the overall stock market in the 3rd quarter.

For those of you interested in our interest rate and stock discussion, this might be an interesting segment from the Livestream for you to watch. (11-14) or if you want to hear more of Charles and are bored of me? (19:30-21)

In the middle of the livestream, we took about 10 minutes addressing stock market and interest rate cycles.  This discussion emanated from a viewer’s question from a about why stocks performed so well in the 1980’s with interest rates higher than where they currently sit.  We spent a lot of time discussing friction, which is my nice term for added costs, in the stock markets, (23:30-28).

Our 4th segment was a discussion on dividend growth stocks and our OHFG quantametal methodology, SMR, for finding them and using them in broadly diversified equity portfolios. Charles led this discussion and here’s a quick link to that segment. (30-34).

We wrapped up the evening with a broad discussion on what I call “news or noise”.  A discussion on government data and its relevancy for making investment management decisions versus using real-time market-based data in decisions in your portfolio. (37:30-41).  We ended the night with a further discussion on what might be in store for the year end in the markets.  (45+).

Investors, that’s it for this week.  We are trying to be brief, because the OHFG investment team is busy processing and analyzing the second half of 3rd quarters earnings reporting season and making adjustments to our models and clients portfolios as we see fit.

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