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News or Noise with Chris

The Investment Team at Oak Harvest Financial Group is pleased to introduce a new release in which we will examine a news item, headline, or story making the rounds from publicly available sources and ask, “Is it News or Noise”?

As you know, our constant advice for investors is to “tune out the noise.” But sometimes it is hard to know what’s noiseand what’s not! That’s what this series is going to be about.

Our goal here is to approach these stories and each topic from an independent, investor-first, standpoint, divorce ourselves from personal feelings, emotional bias, or political opinion, and briefly analyze what we believe each story means for long-term investors.

These are going to be quick, casual, opinion pieces, and while we will use data to support our view, we will most likely be wrong in our interpretations, at least some of the time. However, we are looking to practice what we preach, and to help investors to rationally and critically analyze emotion laden stories.

So with that said…

News or Noise?

With Interest Rates – Speed Kills | News or Noise

One Big Mess: 2022 has been a mess for long-term investors globally. Few asset classes have positive returns, and if they do, they have huge volatility. What’s the culprit? Treasury bond interest rates increasing at the fastest pace in decades. Take a look at the change in Fed funds rate…

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Are Annuities Really That Boring and Bad | News or Noise

Annuities: 2022 has been a mess across virtually every asset class globally. Few asset classes have positive returns, and most of those that do, like energy and a few commodities, have had huge year-to-date volatility. Two asset classes that have not experienced high year-to-date volatility are Fixed Annuities (FA’s) and…

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VOLATILITY…It’s a Balancing Act | News or Noise with Chris Perras

2022 has been a mess across virtually every asset class globally. Except for a few industries like domestic utilities, and a few energy-related commodities like natural gas or lithium, asset class returns have been negative year to date and highly volatile at the same time. Music to the ears of…

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Big Government – Regulating Semiconductor Sales | News or Noise?

Last Thursday, on September 1st, In a filing with the SEC, semiconductor maker Nvidia disclosed that the U.S. government told the company on August 26th about a new license requirement for future exports to China. This includes exports to and from Hong Kong. The rules rationale was to reduce the…

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Buy The Dip OR Are Stocks Making New Lows | News or Noise

The S&P500 just pulled back about 200 points or -4.5% in 7 trading days. Quickly, many strategists on TV are out with calls for “retesting the bottom” or “the markets will make new lows.” The dire forecasts have come out of the woodwork. Nevermind, they didn’t correctly forecast the quick…

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Is China Relevant to Your Portfolio | News or Noise

China’s economy, led by the policies dictated by its general secretary, Xi Jinping, has struggled during the first half of 2022 under the backdrop of his “Zero Covid” mandate in front of the upcoming election. China’s political and economic uncertainty comes as Xi prepares to extend his presidency to a…

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Does The CPI (Consumer Price Index) Report Affect The Stock Market | News or Noise

  On Wednesday, August 10th, the government released its consumer price index, also known as CPI. It rose 8.5% in July 2021, which was below expectations, mostly on slumping energy prices. Excluding food and energy prices, core CPI rose 5.9% annually and 0.3% monthly, compared with estimates of 6.1% and…

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Nancy Pelosi Visits Taiwan is this News or Noise for Your Investments

People who know me know I hate talking about politics. Hate it. Why? Because almost always, people’s minds are already made up before the discussion begins. So, with my dread for politics and politicians in general, why would I choose US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent, brief trip to Taiwan…

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Are We Really in a Recession? News or Noise for Your Money

Let the bickering begin! Release the hounds. Let the political scapegoating and arguments ring loud throughout MSNBC Fox News, and Bloomberg TV for the next four months into the mid-term elections. We are in a recession! Or we are not? I’m Chris Perras, Chief Investment Officer with Oak Harvest Financial…

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The Federal Reserves “Dark shadow” Affecting Monetary Policy | News or Noise

Turn the TV on, any given weekend, and you are likely to see one, if not all, of the John Wick trilogy movies. Throughout the series, John Wick is described in ghostly, almost mythical terms. He is a dark figure, dressed only in black, lurking behind shadowy corners. He is…

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Single Stock Leveraged ETFs & Bank Earnings Call – A Doubleheader | News or Noise for Your Money

It’s the dead of summer.  The heat is on in middle America.  And it’s baseball season, my favorite sport, and the week of both the home-run derby and the All-star game.  So, in that vein, I’m giving you a double-header day in News or Noise and making comments on two…

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Is It 1970’s All Over Again with a Recession and Inflation? | News or Noise

Year over year, comparable numbers were impossible, commodity Inflation ran rampant, economic growth slowed and the consumer paused after spending furiously in 2021 leading to this headline across multiple media outlets. Here it is. “The S&P 500 just posted its worst first half of a year since Richard Nixon’s presidency…

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