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News or Noise with Chris

The Investment Team at Oak Harvest Financial Group is pleased to introduce a new release in which we will examine a news item, headline, or story making the rounds from publicly available sources and ask, “Is it News or Noise”?

As you know, our constant advice for investors is to “tune out the noise.” But sometimes it is hard to know what’s noiseand what’s not! That’s what this series is going to be about.

Our goal here is to approach these stories and each topic from an independent, investor-first, standpoint, divorce ourselves from personal feelings, emotional bias, or political opinion, and briefly analyze what we believe each story means for long-term investors.

These are going to be quick, casual, opinion pieces, and while we will use data to support our view, we will most likely be wrong in our interpretations, at least some of the time. However, we are looking to practice what we preach, and to help investors to rationally and critically analyze emotion laden stories.

So with that said…

News or Noise?

Technology Industry Layoffs

Job Cuts Throughout the Industry: Over the last 3 months, most of our country’s largest and best-known technology companies have announced layoffs. Most of the management teams are citing fears of a recession in 2023 as the reason for these cutbacks. Clearly, job cuts are bad for employees and workers…

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Does the Jobs Report Affect Your Investments in Retirement? | News or Noise

On Friday morning, BLS Payroll Data was released, and December’s jobs were better than most economists had expected. Bloomberg TV said, “the US labor market stayed resilient last month, while wage gains cooled, raising hopes that the economy may dodge a recession and the Federal Reserve will further slow its…

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Is Nuclear Fusion Something You Should Look Into For Future Investing?

  The Future is Here? Everlasting clean energy. The one renewable energy source that is abundant, doesn’t pollute the environment and doesn’t release toxic levels of radioactive waste. The power that fuels our sun. Nuclear Fusion. After decades of research, scientists have reached a milestone in the future of energy….

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Will The Bank Of Canada’s Interest Rate Hikes Affect Your Portfolio Here in the United States?

With our Federal Reserve raising short-term interest rates at a pace last seen in 1994 in order to fight inflation, one might wonder why an investor would ever pay attention to what the Bank of Canada is doing with its own interest rate policy. Short-term Interest Rates: With our Federal…

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Zero COVID Policy in China and What it Means for YOUR Retirement Plan

China & COVID: Whether directly investing in Chinese equities or just indexing with the S&P500, China Covid policies have been news for almost three years for your investments. I’m Chris Perras, Chief Investment Officer with Oak Harvest Financial Group. And this is our investment team’s mid-week release when we examine…

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No NewsorNoise Release for Today

Hello, We here at Oak Harvest wish you all a good Wednesday. Unfortunately, Chris Perras has fallen sick and has been taking these past few days to get some much-deserved rest and recovery time, therefor there will be no Wednesday segment released for today. We will be back and running…

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Interest Rates: The Feds last 75 basis point increase? Astros Win the World Series!

Anticipation: In a much-anticipated move, the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the US, raised short-term borrowing rates to a target range of 3.75-4%. While this was expected, interest rate moves are always news for your money. I’m Chris Perras, Chief Investment Officer with Oak Harvest Financial Group. And this…

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Housing Values are Dropping – Bad News is Good News | News or Noise

  Housing Fiasco: New home sales were released for the month of September last week, and in one word they were, abysmal. According to the HUD and the Census Bureau, sales of newly constructed homes dropped 10.9% and were down 17.6% from a year ago. Existing home sales were even…

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IRS Income Tax Brackets AND Standard Deductions Increased for 2023 | News or Noise

IRS Announcement: Similar to the news released two weeks ago on Social Security benefits for 2023, because of the highest inflation rates in years, last week, the IRS announced higher federal income tax brackets and standard deductions for 2023. I’m Chris Perras, Chief Investment Officer with Oak Harvest Financial Group,…

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Retirement: Social Security Beneficiaries Will Get a Raise in 2023 to Keep Up with Inflation

COLA, No not the Soda: Because of the highest inflation rates in decades, Social Security beneficiaries will get a raise. Inflation determines the cost of living adjustment for your social security benefits or COLA. COLA is meant to help individuals keep up with the rising cost of basic goods and…

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Midterm Election Seasonality – YES! It’s been a Real Thing | News or Noise

  Nine Hard Months: 2022 has been a bad nine months for investors in stocks and bonds globally. While our team had expected our first market correction since the Covid bottom, Investors suffered the first broad bear market in years. Stocks roundtripped two years of gains through the end of…

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Higher Interest Rates “Pound” Financial Markets | News or Noise

Nine Months and Counting: 2022 has been a bad nine months for investors in stocks and bonds globally. Stocks have now almost roundtripped two years of gains, which while common, is not enjoyable. What’s the culprit? Treasury bond interest rates increasing at the fastest pace in decades. Take a look…

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