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The Investor Mindset
James McFarland, Senior Portfolio Manager

The Investor Mindset is a 10-episode series designed to introduce and explore fundamental concepts critical to helping people enjoy a more successful long-term investing experience. Hosted by James McFarland, Oak Harvest's Senior Portfolio Manager and Investment Specialist, each episode examines key ways of thinking and acting that can help you becoming a better long-term investor.

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Episode 01 — Investment Fads and Tuning Out the Noise

Welcome to the first edition of The Investor Mindset! James is Senior Portfolio Manager at Oak Harvest Financial Group. In the first episode, he introduces the series and then dives into a discussion of investment fads, trends and the value of tuning out the noise.

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Episode 02 — DO SOMETHING! (The Dangerous Impulse)

When the market drops, the “DO SOMETHING!!” impulse can be very strong. What options do long-term investors have in the face of these emotional impulses? Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland discusses this in the second episode of The Investor Mindset.

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Episode 03 — The Gambler vs. The Investor

Is investing just another form of gambling?? James McFarland, Senior Portfolio Manager for Oak Harvest Financial Group, wealth management and advisory firm in Houston, Texas, aims to give investors more confidence as he discusses key differences between the two activities.

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Episode 04 — Can You Find the Golden Ticket?

James McFarland, Senior Portfolio Manager at Oak Harvest, a wealth manager specializing in retirement planning, financial planning and investment management, discusses the pitfalls of what seems to be a common investing approach — and then covers a different way of investing in Episode 04 of The Investor Mindset!

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Episode 05 — Short-Term Past vs. Long-Term Future

Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland of Oak Harvest Financial Group, Houston, Texas, explains how the media can push investors towards making long-term future decisions based on short-term past events. Moreover, he explains how that can impact portfolios. And then discusses a better approach to take.

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Episode 06 — Trading vs. Investing

How does Trading differ from Investing? And is it important to understand the difference? Join James McFarland, Senior Portfolio Manager at Oak Harvest Financial Group, a Houston wealth management and retirement planning firm as he covers the key differences between trading and investing…and why it matters

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Episode 07 — How Investors Fool Themselves

Can investors fool themselves? Come, join James McFarland of Oak Harvest Financial Group, a wealth manager, financial advisory and investment management firm in Houston, Texas, for a discussion of how investors can wind up fooling themselves in the capital markets.

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Episode 08 — Telling Stories and Connecting Imaginary Dots

Humans are natural storytellers. But how does this impact us as investors? In Episode 08 of The Investor Mindset, Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland explores how the tendency to create stories can negatively impact investors — and then talks about a different approach that we can take!

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Episode 09 — The Value of an Advisor

Join James McFarland for the 9th episode of the Investor Mindset as he discusses the many different roles that a financial advisor can play for clients, and the value of having an advisor you can trust.

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Episode 10 — For Further Reading…

On this final episode of The Investor Mindset, join James McFarland as he goes through several key book recommendations for anyone interested in learning more about the topics discussed during the series, the markets, or investing.

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