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The Investor Mindset with James McFarland,
Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Trading
at Oak Harvest Financial Group


Dedicated to helping build successful long-term investors. Check out the podcast feed below to listen!

 Investment Management

The Investor Mindset
James McFarland, Senior Portfolio Manager

The Investor Mindset will be a 12 episode series, dedicated to examining the how's, why's and mindset that may help investors enjoy a more successful long-term investing experience. Hosted by James McFarland, Oak Harvest's Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Trading, and Investment Specialist, each show explores ways of thinking and acting that may play a significant role in achieving better long-term investment outcomes.

Episode 04 – Golden Ticket Investing?

Can you find the golden ticket in the stock market? Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland discusses the pitfalls of what seems to be a common investing approach, talks about a different approach, and answers an important listener question on Episode 4 of The Investor Mindset!

Episode 03 – Telling Stories and Connecting Imaginary Dots

Humans are natural story tellers. But what impact does this have on us as investors? On Episode 3 of The Investor Mindset, Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland explores how the tendency to create stories can negatively impact investors, and then talks about a different approach we can take!

Episode 02 – DO SOMETHING!!!

When the market drops, the “DO SOMETHING!!” impulse can be very strong. What options do long-term investors have in the face of these emotional impulses? Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland discusses it on the second episode of The Investor Mindset.

Episode 01 – Investment Fads and Tuning Out the Noise

Welcome to the 1st edition of The Investor Mindset! Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland introduces the show and then dives into a discussion of investment fads, trends, and the value of tuning out the noise.