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Stock Market: Are We Heading for a 70s-Style Crisis in 2025? What’s Going On?

High inflation? Wars in the middle east and Russia and Ukraine? Protests on college campuses into school year ends in May? There are quite a few stock strategists and economists who have made many valid comparisons to the early 70’s and what has been going on the last few years…

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2024 Stock Market: The Year of Storms?

2024: A Year of Storms and Volatility?

  Ok, Stock Talk with Chris was down but not out for the week of May 24th.  Why? Well Oak Harvest’s little town of Houston, here in Texas, suffered a brief, less than an hour long, but terribly disruptive Spring Thunderstorm that rolled straight down 290, through Memorial, the Heights,…

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Stock Market Summer Rally? Leadership? Russell 2000

More Normal?- Summer Rally

For many investors tuning into CNBC, Fox News or Bloomberg all too often, the idea that stocks and the S&P 500 could be nearing ATH’s again is unfathomable.  Wasn’t there near unanimous agreement in 3q23 that we were heading for a recession in 1h2024?  Alas, we didn’t and stocks are…

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Was the recent early May Stock Rally predetermined?

In last week’s release, titled “Return to the Old Normal, back to our regularly Scheduled Program, How the rest of 2024 might play out for the S&P500”, we covered a lot of ground.  Here’s the link to that video.  The equity markets had already been in rally mode for about…

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What more of the 'old normal' might look like

S&P500 : The “Old Normal,” back to our regularly scheduled program

By the time this piece airs, we will have already made it through 75%+ of S&P500 earnings releases including most of the large cap tech stocks and the Federal Reserve will have met for their early May meeting and disseminated their “collective wisdom” on the economy and interest rates. For…

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The last 3 weeks we recapped the first quarter 2024 returns, and covered what the remainder of 2024 and 1q2025 might look like for stock markets under 3 different scenarios. Scenario 1, a continued soft-landing outcome like1995, Goldilocks plays on, which would project the S&P 500 to 5900-6000 in the…

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Scenario 3

Scenario 3 – Muddling Through 2024, Range r Us

The last 2 weeks we recapped the first quarter 2024 returns, and covered what the remainder of 2024 and 1q2025 might look like for stock markets under 2 scenarios, first a continued soft-landing outcome like 1995 which would project 5900-6000 in the first quarter of 2025, and second, a hard…

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Navigating Market Waters: Hard Landing

Market Analysis: S&P 500=3600, Possible 2000’s Style Hard Landing and Recession? Scenario 2

Last week we recapped the first quarter 2024 returns, the S&P500’s best first-quarter performance since 2019. 1st quarter returns place it in the top 10 the last 54 years, and in the top 15 since the end of WW2. Investors, this is how stocks behave during a “soft landing” as…

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S&P 500 = 6000? Equity Markets – Post 1q24, Where do we go from here? Soft Landing Cont. Scenario 1

The S&P 500 closed out its first-quarter performance since 2019. It’s the best in 5 years; in the top 10 the last 54 years, and in the top 15 since the end of WW2. Investors, this is how stocks behave during a “soft landing” as we discussed back last October….

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What ails you? Growth or inflation?

Beyond Inflation in 2024: The Real Growth Concerns for Investors

  The talk around economist locker rooms centers almost exclusively on is inflation accelerating and running too hot for the Fed?  And when and how many rate cuts will the Fed move on in 2024?  To me, these are the wrong questions now. That was the question to ask 3-4…

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Wallstreet Economic Forecasts: Hard Landing Vs. Soft Landing

From Doom to Boom: Analyzing Economic Predictions and Uncertainty in the Stock Market

Throughout the summer of 2023, and even into Thanksgiving of last year, many frequent purveyors of doom, crashes, and economic collapses where messaging that the American economic landscape was a looming disaster.  A repeat of the 1987 stock market crash, an echo of the Great Financial Crisis, or even the…

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AI Stock Bubble? What You Need to Know

Investors, everyone, and I mean everyone with an interest in the stock market is finally talking about “AI” stocks, that’s short for Artificial Intelligence.  You know, computers learning and helping humans make better more informed decisions in the base case scenario.  “Sky net, and computers and robots running the world…

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