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Stock Talk: Keeping You Connected to Your Money
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Stock Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the Investment Team's perspective on what's happening in the market. Hosted by Chief Investment Officer Chris Perras, each episode brings you our views on stocks, the market, and the economy — with a little education thrown in for good measure. Listen each week and help stay connected to your money! Also available on Spotify, Google Play and Podbean.

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man grabbing an apple from a lone tree while in the middle of the desert. Stock markets setting up for fall?

Stock Markets Setting Up For Fall?

Post the strong first half move in the overall stock market into mid-July, the overall markets have been trading sideways to down just as our investment team laid out back in late June in our Oak Harvest video S&P500 4300+, “it’s summertime for a break”. We’ve followed it up almost…

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Really Bearish on Stocks Right Now?

Post the strong first half move in the overall stock market, we have been trading sideways.  The S&P 500 has gone net? Nowhere in a sloppy and choppy manner since Wednesday July 19th, which for trading nerds was the day volatility options and futures expired for July. As this was…

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Smart Strategy for Your Investments

Why Active Fund Management Should Win Over Passive Strategies in the Coming Years

  We’re taking a short break from our regular Stock Talk Content to share a clip from an upcoming webinar that will be available to stream soon – Join Chris Perras and Charles Scavone as they discuss why you’ll need Active Fund Management for your retirement in future years as…

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No Stock Talk this week, here's what to watch instead

Retirement Planning: Wondering How Interest Rates May Impact Your Portfolio?

We’re skipping this week of Stock Talk due to our team being busy at work with the switch from TD Ameritrade to Schwab. Check out this quick message from Chris as he shares a training he recently did with Troy Sharpe and Charles Scavone on Interest Rates and how they…

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4th quarter market risks

4th Quarter Market Risks

It’s 106-110 degrees in Houston as I write this week’s episode which will be posted at the beginning of the long Labor Day weekend.  Clearly, summer in the Southwest is far from over, in fact it usually doesn’t cool off for good here in Houston until after Halloween, so why…

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Sweat the Summer Market or Sit Back? What We Expect and How to Handle Your Retirement Portfolio

Summer seasonality in the US stock market is historically a real “thing”.  We’ve discussed it many times in the last 5 years.  We started previewing summer seasonality for 2023 as far back as 3q22, when we were discussing the upcoming likely strength in the markets for 4q22-1h23 due to the…

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AI bubble? Or Summer Stall? Where we stand

AI Bubble or Summer Stall? Where We Stand In The Stock Market

Summer seasonality in the US stock market is historically a real “thing”.  The data confirms it.  With that, it should come as no surprise to invesors that the stock markets have consolidated and sold off since July 19-20th, which was the week of July option expiration 4 weeks ago. The…

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Summer Seasonality - The Stall Comes

Stock Market Summer Seasonality: The Stall Comes and What It Means For Your Retirement

  Over the last 5 years, our OHFG investment team has discussed stock market cycles and seasonality on multiple occasions.  Why? Because much of public market investing is repeated human behavior.  It is a real-world lesson in behavioral finance as humans, in mass, tend to be creatures of habit repeating…

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Market News Coverage: Fear Sells Big

Fear sells.  It creates emotion and keeps TV viewers from changing channels.  It keeps digital social media consumers from clicking away to other social networks.  It keeps many investment “newsletter” writers in business selling $99/year subscriptions. And it keeps many retail investors frozen in their tracks, out of the markets,…

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Rotation Nation

Everyone wants to “bet” on the winning horse at the racetrack. Everyone wants to make the winning bet in the casino or maybe one day win the Lottery.  Some gamblers will even go so far as putting their entire “winnings on one number on the roulette wheel on their way…

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No Stock Talk This Week: Earnings Reporting Week

No Stock Talk this week – It’s Earnings Reporting Week! Watch Chris Perras’ update here:

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2023 Half-Time Report and 2nd Half Market Outlook: The Pause That Should Refresh

Second Half 2023 Market Outlook 2023 | The Old Normal part 2 – Down then Up

I am Chris Perras, Chief Investment Officer at Oak Harvest Financial Group, we are a retirement planning and investment management advisor located in Houston Texas. Welcome to our 2nd Half 2023 Market Outlook, YouTube, Stock Talk “Keeping you connected to your money”.  Its title is a follow up to our…

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