Retirement Planning

Income Planning

Retirement income planning is the process of determining how to maximize your assets to generate the most amount of income, total wealth and pay the least amount of taxes.

This is very detailed process that will contribute to determining how long your money will last and how much is left in your later years.

An investment and income plan are normally the very first things we implement for new clients. This is a thoughtful process that can only be accomplished after understanding what’s important to you in life and with regard to your money. This is your vision.

Everything that we do from this point forward in regard to your Customized Retirement Plan will be based on your retirement vision. Without vision, we wander aimlessly around hoping for the best. At Oak Harvest, we don’t hope. We plan, execute, monitor and adjust.

Once your vision is clear and our team of professionals understand what’s most important to you regarding your life and money, we get to work.  During this process we uncover what you need, what you want and how much comfort you have with the markets.

From there, we allocate your money across the Core4, which is our framework for planning and investment management. We believe it is the framework for your financial future. The process of building a retirement income plan is broken down into several parts, analyzed, adjusted, analyzed again, agreed on by multiple specialists and then reviewed with you.

After the subjective and objective data is gathered, our process of building an income plan includes:

  1. Determining percentage of your money will go into each Pillar of the Core4 allocation and investment framework.
  2. Determine whether IRA or Non-IRA dollars should be used in each allocation to optimize the tax characteristics of the investment vehicle and account.
  3. Determine how and when to elect Social Security to maximize the entire framework relative to your vision.
  4. Determine the sequence of taking income from each account to manage the tax liability you have along with maximizing the growth potential of each account and principal preservation.
  5. Review the impact on Medicare premiums, surcharges, Social Security taxes, investment taxes and current or future Required Minimum Distributions.
  6. Review how this sequence will impact future years’ income and tax circumstance.
  7. Monitor the plan and review it with you as needed and make adjustments.


Using our expertise and experience, that’s the process we will guide you through to develop a retirement income plan for you. If you are in need of retirement income, we encourage you to schedule a visit to discuss your vision and allow our team to discuss how we can help you.

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