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Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is the process of setting up an efficient transfer of assets that minimizes the burden for your heirs and maximizes your assets. Your legacy plan could include leaving money to children, grandchildren, church or organizations and causes you believe in.

There are many tools and strategies available to accomplish this and no one method is the best for every situation. Part of the discussion about your legacy takes place when we discuss your retirement vision.

Proper legacy planning could involve a number of professionals, including attorneys, CPAs, trust companies and others. But our view is that your Retirement Professional should be the captain of the ship when it comes to all matters financial. We focus on coordinating with all the people needed to make your legacy vision become a reality.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, CEO, Troy Sharpe, oversees the advanced Legacy Planning and professional coordination for our clients. No matter how many professionals your situation may require, we believe you want a CFP® Pro on your team.

Troy’s experience, education and network make him a valuable resource for all our clients. He shares his knowledge and resources with all the advisors at Oak Harvest, and works directly with advisors and their clients. Our team approach can help promote the best outcome for your situation.

Several different approaches may be employed, but when clients are clear with their vision, we can help make this process efficient and easy.

One of the biggest areas that clients should consider when it comes to legacy planning is the impact an unexpected medical emergency in retirement could have on your legacy plan. If not properly accounted for, this kind of emergency has the potential to cause a rapid spend-down of assets and the possibility that a surviving spouse will not be as comfortable as planned.

If Legacy Planning is important to you, we will address it as part of your Oak Harvest Path. The Path is the onboarding process that new clients follow during the first 12 months to ensure all their retirement concerns and unique goals are addressed in an orderly fashion.

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