We investigate and filter retirement annuities to help increase your income and reduce risk.

Our team is committed to empowering consumers through education and fiduciary guidance. Let us help you find the right annuity for your retirement. Book a free Annuity Solution Consultation today.

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Core Values

  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  • Be of service
  • Be transparent and honest in all dealings
  • Always place the client’s interests ahead of our own
  • Place our core values and principles above profits
  • Provide value beyond expectations
  • Operate independently and passionately
  • Give back to the community with both dollars and time

Read the kind words from our clients at Oak Harvest Financial Group

“I have been with Oak Harvest Financial Group for almost 10 years. I have found Troy and his team to be outstanding in helping to customize investment strategies and portfolios that fit each individual's or family's needs and goals. There is no cookie cutter approach in their business model and they put a high priority on educating prospective clients in order to assist them in making informative decisions. They don't have a "pitch" and are not hard selling sales people. They are a true retirement planning organization focused on the "preservation stage" of life. I have been very pleased with the partnership we have developed over the years and highly recommend their services.

Thomas DeScioli's review to Oak Harvest Financial Group

Thomas DeScioli

“The team at Oak Harvest Financial Group takes the time to find out what matters to YOU in retirement, so they can help you achieve that as reality. It was very freeing to know that we had a plan, a map going forward for comfortable income in retirement and protection of our assets. They are responsive to queries, have a wealth and wide breadth of financial professionals on the team, and are fiduciaries. They have weekly podcasts to help decipher trends & investment strategies and occasional seminars. We highly recommend Troy & the whole Oak Harvest Team!”


Terri Reed

“Just started using Oak Harvest 6 months ago for managing our retirement assets. My wife was very apprehensive with regards to changing our financial advisor. We scheduled an initial appointment with Oak Harvest where we met Troy Sharpe. During this meeting Troy was super attentive to our needs, asked many questions and in the end opened our eyes to the financial possibilities that we were not aware before. For our second meeting, he prepared a financial plan, went over all details and showed us how we could retire comfortably earlier than we have originally thought. The decision to start using Oak Harvest was a no brainer and the switch over process was as smooth as it can be. Now we are at ease with our future. Thanks a lot to Troy and his team of dedicated professionals for taking great care of us and our finances. If you have any questions, just go and talk to Troy and see what he can do for you.”


Edward Alper

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