Our Fee – Competitive, Understandable and Transparent

Oak Harvest Financial Group strives to simplify and deliver added value in all that we do.

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Oak Harvest Fee Philosophy

  • Reasonable – We don’t claim to offer the cheapest rates in the financial advisory industry. When it comes to your money, you don’t want cut-rate advice or services. What we do provide is money management and value-added service at a reasonable rate that is often much lower than what you will find elsewhere.
  • Competitive – Many advisors assess an assortment of fees and layered charges, plus commissions on products offered. At Oak Harvest Financial Group our fee schedule is simple – it’s based solely on the value of YOUR assets that we manage.
  • Transparent – You will know the advisory fee you’ll be charged in advance of opening an account with OHFG, and each year thereafter as you continue to work with our firm. It will be clear and easily understood. No surprises, no hidden costs or amounts, no need to worry that you are paying too much for the financial management we will provide regarding your portfolio.
  • Your Interest Comes First – Advisors often say their interests are aligned with that of their clients. But many advisors do well financially regardless of the performance of their client’s portfolio. As a fee-based advisory service, our fee structure ensures that what you are charged remains aligned with the value of your portfolio…Period!

We strive to simplify and deliver added value in all that we do.

 This includes:

  • Simplifying complex financial matters
  • Clearly articulating our philosophy
  • Utilizing a holistic planning approach focused on all our client’s needs
  • Practicing clear and consistent communications
  • Putting our clients’ interests first in managing their portfolios

This approach extends to our flat-rate advisory fee, which is based solely on the value of the assets we manage for you.

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We Encourage You to Ask Questions and Compare

When it comes to your money, you should expect transparency and full disclosure regarding how the financial professional you work with is compensated. Fee Based should be just that – compensation based solely on the value of the assets they manage for you.

There are some who will take risks within your portfolio that don’t align with your risk profile. While this might drive increased returns over the short term, profiting them, it can place you and your portfolio at serious risk that you are unaware of, don’t want, and can’t afford.

To avoid issues and ensure you know exactly what to expect and will be charged, we suggest asking a few questions of any financial advisor you currently work with or are considering. Feel free to ask us these questions as well – our approach is complete transparency, so we’re happy to answer them and all others you might have.


  • Please explain your compensation policy for managing my assets?
  • Do you receive anything other than a flat percentage fee for managing my portfolio?
  • What about mutual funds, ETFs or other products that normally come with a charge? How are those handled?
  • Are there any commissions, third-party fees or incentives from other organizations that are paid to you for recommendations related to your work with me or my portfolio?
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Contact Us

We are here to speak about fees and all other questions you might have about Oak Harvest Financial Group, including how we are different, the manner in which we do business, and our holistic management approach that is focused on providing customized plans and strategies based on your specific needs and goals.

If you’re ready to take the next step and talk to a team of financial advisors and retirement planners who put your interests first, Schedule a complimentary visit today!

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