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Stock Talk: Keeping You Connected to Your Money
with Chris Perras, CFA®

Stock Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the Investment Team's perspective on what's happening in the market. Hosted by Chief Investment Officer Chris Perras, each episode brings you our views on stocks, the market, and the economy — with a little education thrown in for good measure. Listen each week and help stay connected to your money! Also available on Spotify, Google Play and Podbean.

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July 4th - Where we stand united after the first half rally

July 4th – Where We Stand United After The First Half Rally

For the last few weeks, with the markets having rallied almost exactly 8 months off the October 2022 lows, we’ve discussed our view that with FOMO, the fear of missing out setting in June, it was our teams view that it was finally time for the markets to top out…

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Stock Markets: Summer Stall or Summer Squall?

Stock Market: Summer Stall or Summer Squall?

  If you are a client or prospect of OHFG, you might wonder what members of the investment team here do on weekends or even on a holiday like Father’s Day.  This CIO sleeps in until 6AM on Sunday and wakes up thinking about our clients, the markets, and “what’s…

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The WRONG way to Invest

The Wrong Way To Invest

In the early 2000’s a prominent investment management firm launched an advertising campaign that irks me today as much as it did back then.  It’s title, “…the Right way to invest”.  The advertiser stated this emphatically and confidentiality as if there was one and only one way to invest and…

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S&P500 4300 Into Summer - Now What?

SP500 – 4300, It’s Summer Time For a Break. What Does Narrow Breadth Really Mean?

The OHFG investment team laid out our first half out look back in late 2022.  Back then we called for declining volatility in the first half of 2023, a return to growth stocks over value stocks, and a rally back to 4300ish on the S&P500.  Back then and almost weekly,…

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Stock Investing: It's a marathon, not a sprint in retirement planning

Stock Investing – It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint in Retirement Planning

The OHFG investment team laid out our first half out look back in late 2022.  Back then, the rhetoric was “inflation was out of control”; we were headed into a 1h23 recession; and the S&P500 would retest its October 2022 lows, call it 3500, shortly.  Strategist after strategist proclaimed the…

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Bigger government, lower investment returns?

Bigger Government – Lower Investment Returns?

At an August 12th, 1986 news conference then President Ronald Reagan gave a speech on the perils of big government. He stated, the following, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help”. Here is a brief cut from that…

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The MOVE Index – Bond Market Volatility and Its “Collateral” Effects

  Retail investors around the world turn on the financial news channels and listen to strategist we have never met; we read newsletters written by writers who have never managed money; young investors scour Redit chat boards for ideas from people that have no names; and we often subscribe to…

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Tune Out The Noise - Stock Talk

Why Watching Financial News Could Lead Investors Astray

The News Calling for Economic Doom: Should you listen? Investors, turn on the TV and the financial news channels, watch for a few hours and soak in the opinions being passed along as news and you too will convince yourself a very bad recession is imminent.  Geopolitical strife domestically and…

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Chris Perras Stock Talk - Lower Volatility? Inconceivable!

Market Volatility – How to Keep Calm and Invest On

  If you are watching CNBC, Fox business news, or Bloomberg TV all day, most likely, high on the list of your concerns is worrying about stock market volatility. Many of our most vocal clients and prospects tend to contact us more often when they “feel” higher volatility in the…

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Stock Talk with Chris Perras - Keeping You Connected To Your Money

No Stock Talk for 4/28/23

  There will be no Stock Talk for this week. We instead ask that you view our recent video (04/06/23) featuring Charles Scavone on how Oak Harvest decides which stocks, bonds, and investments should go into your portfolio to help you reach your retirement goals. -Chris Perras

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Bears Beware Stock Talk 4.21.2023

Bad breadth? Not so fast – Zweig Indicator Triggered Historically Rare & Positive

At the end of the first quarter, we title our March 31st video “Marching Higher into April”. In it we laid out 3 reasons we expected a continuation of the overall market upward movement into the mid-second quarter.  The 3 reasons we laid out? First, the price charts, which merely…

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Grilling the Investment Manager

Grilling the Investment Manager | Easter Sunday

  Stock Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the Oak Harvest Financial Group Investment Team’s perspective on what’s happening in the market. Hosted by Chief Investment Officer Chris Perras, each episode brings you our views on stocks, the market, and the economy — with a little education thrown…

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