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Stock Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the Investment Team's perspective on what's happening in the market. Hosted by Chief Investment Officer Chris Perras, each episode brings you our views on stocks, the market, and the economy — with a little education thrown in for good measure. Listen each week and help stay connected to your money! Also available on Spotify, Google Play and Podbean.

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Jackson Hole “Real”ly “Interest”ing | Stock Talk Podcast

In the second half of July, stock markets moved sharply higher into mid-August on the hope for a shift towards an easier Fed in 2023. Real interest rates were falling then, having peaked on June 15. The markets had interpreted Powell’s July comments to signal the possibility of a downshift…

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It’s Still Summer – Where Do We Stand? Is It Time To Buy The Dip? “Time To Light The Candle?”

Ok, I’m getting old. How do I know that? 1. I catch myself watching the weather channel way too much and 2. during certain times in the market, I think back and remember iconic TV commercials from earlier times in my career. One of my all-time favorite commercials was this…

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No Stock Talk for This Week: Please Watch our Market Outlook!

  This week, we don’t have a Stock Talk Podcast, but instead, ask you to watch our August 19, recorded live Market Outlook Broadcast, as it offers in depth information relevant to your portfolio. – Chris Perras ALL CHARTS ARE SOURCED FROM BLOOMBERG: 18:24, 26:49, 41:45   Summary

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2nd Half Outlook Part 2 | Stock Talk Podcast

The first half of 2022 is behind us. It was abysmal in the markets. We suffered the first true correction since the Covid crash in the first quarter of 2020. However, we also extended that downward to the first -20% bear market drawdown in years. But the question is now?…

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2nd Half of 2022 Market Outlook Part 1 – Where Do We Go From Here | Stock Talk Podcast

First things first. We have had a big, big rally in stocks over the last six weeks. We thought this was likely back in late June and early July. We published our thoughts with our July 1st video, “Opportunity Knocks early.” However, from here, the indicators we watch say we…

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S&P500 – Are The Lows In? | Stock Talk Podcast

Are the stock market lows in for the year? Or is this another “bear market” rally? Is this year’s correction and “bear market” decline behind us and in the rear-view mirror for good? Was June 16th and 17th the low for the stock markets for 2022? Those are the questions…

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Michael Hartnett is So Bearish, He’s Bullish | Stock Talk Podcast

Michael Hartnett is the Chief Investment Strategist at Merrill Lynch.   Amongst all of Merrill’s economists and strategists, he is perhaps the most well followed by institutional and retail investors.  It’s a big title, and he’s followed by 100’s of thousands of advisors and millions of investors.  He’s been around the…

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June Inflation – For Better or Worse | Stock Talk Podcast

It’s summer in the markets and while many people are off enjoying a vacation with their spouse, family or friends, many investors, and short-term traders in particular, are focused on the specifics of government data releases, what they mean for future Federal Reserve monetary actions, and what that might mean…

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Scary Things That Keep Me Up at Night | Stock Talk Podcast

I get asked almost weekly, “Chris, what scares you about the financial markets? Chris, what is your biggest worry about the future in the capital markets? What keeps you awake at night? Is there a black swan out there? To which I almost always reply, “I worry about everything; that’s…

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Opportunity Knocks Pt 2 Stock Talk

The Oak Harvest team hopes you had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend. We wanted to start off the second half of 2022 on a positive note. So here amongst the slowing economic data and bad news on TV, here’s a table from JP Morgan showing the opportunity…

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Opportunity Knocks Early! | Stock Talk Podcast

The Oak Harvest team wants to wish you a happy, safe, and blessed 4th of July weekend as this video should be going to publication just in front of the holiday. Opportunity knocks, almost always when markets are more uncertain than normal and when market volatility is high, not low….

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REITS-the Real deal about Real Estate Trusts

We first covered the topic of REIT investing, or real estate investment trusts, a little over two years ago, right after the March 2020 Covid market fall. Given our recent News or Noise video on “dividends matter,” I wanted to take this video as an opportunity to walk you through…

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