Investment Management

In-House Investment Management

Our investment clients enjoy access our in-house, transparent-fee, dedicated investment management operation. As with all our services, we aim to take investing for our clients to another level. Here’s how:

Your Own Team of Specialists

Our in-house investment team features a roster of strong talent. These are seasoned market and investment professionals, with the intellectual firepower and expertise to come with ideas for your unique circumstances.

Our highly experienced Chief Investment Officer is our lead strategist, directs the firm's research, and takes the lead in developing the firm’s market forecasts and outlooks.

Our dedicated Senior Portfolio Manager oversees the whole of our investment management practice, leads the synthesis of the firm's ideas into real-world investment strategies and securities portfolios, and carefully directs the management of our client portfolios.

The whole Investment Team collaborates openly on a daily basis to better care for our clients money.  And with our team backed by a suite of deep institutional research, resources, and partnerships, we believe you are in good hands.

Commitment & Independence

Some firms may outsource the management of your money to third party managers and separately managed accounts.  This can layer on fees that may act as a drag on your portfolio’s returns.

Outsourcing may also limit an advisor’s ability to choose investments, directly oversee accounts, and respond quickly to changes in your personal situation.

Our investment operation is in-house, independent, and dedicated to our clients. Our independence allows selection of investments from the entire universe of tools.  We can focus on keeping costs low and achieving your goals.

Developing Your Portfolio

We believe the right investment and diversification strategy can help optimize your portfolio. Oak Harvest focuses on achieving this for our clients by seeking to adhere to the highest standard of care for our clients, leveraging the Core4 and our Investment Philosophy, and managing risk.

By integrating all these elements together based on your unique situation, we can tailor the risk of your portfolio to meet your comfort level, generate income, and plan for the growth you may need for years to come.

Give us a call to speak to one of our specialists and learn about how the Investment Team at Oak Harvest may be able to help you prepare for a more fulfilling retirement.

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