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Investment Management

Fiduciary Standard

Oak Harvest Advisors Operate in a Fiduciary Capacity for All Clients

Not all advisors are legally required to put their clients first. Only those financial advisors who are fiduciaries are required to act in the best interest of their clients with good faith, honesty, and trust at all times.

The “fiduciary standard” is the highest standard of care and requires going beyond the “suitability standards” to which brokers and insurance agents must adhere.

At Oak Harvest, our fees are transparent, in alignment with your interests, and always disclosed before you engage us for financial planning or investment advice.

Our investment recommendations do not come with hidden fees or backdoor commissions to the advisor like some banks and brokerage firms.

Fiduciaries are bound to act with undivided loyalty and utmost good faith. That is the Oak Harvest Way.

Regardless of whether we are acting as your financial advisor, investment manager or retirement planner, we operate with the following principles and duties:

  • Put your best interest first and foremost
  • Keep your information confidential and secure
  • Provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts
  • Operate independently, and avoid or disclose potential conflicts of interest
  • Provide transparent fee structures for our services
  • Use the most cost effective tools in implementing your financial plan


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