Why Oak Harvest

Cyber Security

We believe that cybersecurity is important, and recognize that cases of cyberfraud have continued to worsen worldwide. That’s why we take steps to help protect you and your family’s personal information. Here’s how:

Email Hosting & Spam Protection

Real-time email scans filter our inbound and outbound emails, protecting us from incoming spam and phishing attempts, and store received emails automatically.

Managed Security Services

All our office PCs run anti-virus and anti-spam programs to safeguard us from vulnerability, and are monitored for suspicious activity.

Network Performance Monitoring

Network performance is monitored around the clock to ensure our devices and infrastructure continue to function properly.

Endpoint Anti-Virus

Anti-virus scanning prevents the spread of malicious emails and offsite back-ups prevent us from losing files if a server ever goes offline.

Active Password Management

Our security services ensure that all our team consistently updates passwords for PC log-ins, utilizing complex passwords and backed by system encryption, helping to prevent fraudulent access from unauthorized users.


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