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Inside Oak Harvest

The founder of Oak Harvest Financial Group has very powerful, personal motivations for wanting to help our clients live well in retirement.

Watch this brief video to learn what inspires him to specialize in helping you protect your wealth, your health and your family now and in the future.

Retirement Planning

Income planning is the most critical element to successful retirement planning. This is your foundation, your rock, your security. Knowing that you have a retirement paycheck coming in every year that exceeds all of your necessary and leisurely expenses, it really doesn’t matter what happens to the stock market.

Your lifestyle is secure because of that guaranteed paycheck which exceeds all your expenses every year.

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Business Planning

Oak Harvest Financial Group offers fee-based strategic business planning to companies in need of competent, professional consulting in Houston. One common characteristic of owning a small-medium sized business is that you spend most of your time working on or in your business. This means that the necessary strategic planning for the owner/executives is often overlooked. Many of these overlooked areas pose significant threats to the survival of the business and the people reliant upon it.

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