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Houston Retirement Planning Services

Our Mission

To provide safe, guaranteed retirement solutions to retirees and pre-retirees that remove multiple threats to retirement security posed by an ongoing global-economic crisis.

These financial planning solutions focus on guaranteed retirement income planning, inflation-protection, safe growth, Long Term Care solutions, life insurance with living benefits, estate preservation, and wealth transfer. No Oak Harvest client has ever lost a single dollar to market volatility and we pledge to continue that result.

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Our Financial Services


Experience the difference in working with Houston’s premier retirement firm comprised of CFP’s, RFC’s, Financial Analysts and Retirement Specialists that work exclusively with those in or approaching retirement.

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Estate Planning

We work hard  to accumulate your estate regardless of its size and worth. It is important that you have the final decision on how it is delegated amongst your family, church or favorite charitable organizations while minimizing costs, taxes and the emotional burden on your loved ones.

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Income Planning

We are the “Income Planning Experts”; show us your income needs and goals and let our team of financial advisors meet or exceed them with guarantees, zero market risk and inflation protection for life.

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Retirement Defense System™

Your customized “Retirement Defense System™” will account for every aspect of your retirement planning, from guaranteed income to protecting your accounts from erosion due to increasing medical costs – we have you covered.

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Business Planning

You own a business; will it thrive in your absence or the absence of a key employee? Let us figure it out for you. Services include: Succession Planning, Key Person Insurance, Debt Cancellation and much more.

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Life Insurance

Discover the innovative new strategies offered through today’s life insurance policies designed to protect your retirement assets and standard of living without increasing the cost or decreasing the coverage of your existing policy.

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Education Process

Whether you’re a savvy investor or just exploring retirement options, start your retirement education today! Register for a live “Retirement Rescue” educational event, or receive your retirement education one-on-one with a retirement specialist.

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Many people think their 401(k) is a “set it and forget it” vehicle. But if you’re retiring, have been laid off or are changing  jobs, or have a 401(k) at with a former employer, knowing how to handle your 401(k) is one of the most important financial decisions you can make.

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Educational Events

Crash-proof your retirement from inflation, taxes, market losses and broker fees! Empower yourself through education by attending this complimentary workshop!