Stock Talk with Chris Perras, CFA®, CLU®, ChFC® Chief Investment Officer of Oak Harvest Financial Group.

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Stock Talk: Keeping You Connected to Your Money
with Chris Perras, CFA®

Stock Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the Investment Team's perspective on what's happening in the market. Hosted by Chief Investment Officer, Chris Perras, each episode brings you our views on stocks, the market, and the economy, with a little education thrown in for good measure. Listen each week and help stay connected to your money! Also available on Spotify, Google Play, and Podbean.

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08.30.2019 – The Final Countdown

CIO Chris Perras covers the latest action in the markets, and discusses what we expect for the rest of Q3 and Q4 in 2019 and why our outlook still remains bullish.

08.23.2019 – 7th Inning Stretch?

On the 8/23/2019 edition of Stock Talk, CIO Chris Perras discusses what’s happening in the markets in Q3, 2019, what we believe may be the reasons behind it, and what we see happening for the rest of the year.

08.16.2019 – Summer Worries: Yield Curve Inversion

CIO Chris Perras discusses the recent yield curve inversion, what it typically means for the stock market, and whether it affects our view for the markets going forward.

08.09.2019 – A Normal Summer, A Normal 3rd Quarter, and a Normal Pullback

On the 8/9/2019 edition of Stock Talk, CIO Chris Perras returns and recaps the action of the last week since the president’s latest tariff announcements, dives into some of the mechanics behind the volatile moves, and puts everything happening into the context of a “Normal Year.”

08.02.2019 – Tweet Tweet

Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland fills in for Chris Perras and discusses what’s happening this week in the markets, and goes over a few important things to remember in light of several recent Presidential tweets.

07.26.2019 – Fictionary: Interest Rates – The Fed Funds Futures Farce

On the 7/26 episode of Stock Talk, CIO Chris Perras recaps the Q2, 2019 earnings reports and covers the LACK of the predictive power of the oft-quoted Fictionary term, “Fed Funds Futures.” Plus, a new “I don’t want to invest now because…”!

07.19.2019 – Smart Money: Fact vs. Fiction

CIO Chris Perras gives an update on the markets, and then explains all about the “Smart Money,” and how the term can be mis-used in the financial media today.

07.12.2019 – Introducing the Fictionary!

On the 7/12/2019 edition of Stock Talk, Chris Perras introduces a new educational tool up on Oak Harvest’s website,, entitled “The Fictionary”! Chris explains what the Fictionary is, how it can benefit investors, and also goes over a new “I don’t want to invest now because…”!

07.05.2019 – Calls for “TINA” Rejoining the Party are Media Spin

CIO Chris Perras talks about what “TINA” has to do with the media and Stock Market returns on the 7/5/2019 edition of Stock Talk!

06.28.2019 – 2019 Half-Time Show: Exit the Deadzone

On the 6/28/2019 edition of Stock Talk, CIO Chris Perras explains “the Dead Zone” and why it matters for the stock market. Chris also reaffirms out second half outlook and does a new “I don’t want to invest now!” segment!