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Stock Talk: Keeping You Connected to Your Money
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Stock Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the Investment Team's perspective on what's happening in the market. Hosted by Chief Investment Officer Chris Perras, each episode brings you our views on stocks, the market, and the economy — with a little education thrown in for good measure. Listen each week and help stay connected to your money! Also available on Spotify, Google Play and Podbean.

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2022 Stock Market Volatility |Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide | Stock Talk Podcast

Market correction in the S&P500 and “bear market” in the Nasdaq Composite, emerging markets and small caps, and the markets tune is playing the Martha and Vandellas tune, Nowhere to Run to, Nowhere to Hide. I am Chris Perras with Oak Harvest Financial in Houston and welcome to our weekly…

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Investing in Value Stocks? or Value Traps?

We have all done it as investors, even the great Warren Buffett has done it. In fact, Mr. Buffett bought the a whole airline sector a few years ago. What is the “it” I speak of? The it, is buying a stock based on valuation or on it being a…

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Will There Be A Second Quarter Rally? Stock Talk Podcast

As I write this, the tax season is behind us, and we are into earnings season. It’s a Friday, and we look to be in the midst of some margin calls and forced selling in the market. This looks to be caused by collateral damage being done in the Treasury…

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No Stock Talk for The Week of 4/18

Unfortunately, there will be no Stock Talk for the week of 4/18/2022. We will resume with our regularly scheduled Stock Talk on the week of 4/25/2022. Thank you for understanding. 

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1st Quarter Review | Stock Talk Podcast

First-quarter 2022 is now behind us, and I can say with absolute certainty, it was the sloppy, choppy mess that we first previewed in early November of last year. During the first quarter, the S&P500 declined short term, intra quarter, into “correction territory of more than -10%, reaching down about…

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The Markets Are Up…No, The Markets Are Down…No…Now What? | Stock Talk Podcast

On Friday, March 11th, during the 1st quarter correction that took the cash S&P500 down -13%, from its closing high to cash closing low, if you were perfect, that our investment team had foreshadowed back in early November of 2021, we put out our Friday podcast titled “things that lead-…

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Are We In A Replay of the 1990’s Internet Bubble? | Stock Talk Podcast

  Chris Perras: Viewers I get it, everyone wants to call a top, everyone wants to gain a reputation and earn some street credibility. What better way for someone to gain fame and bring in assets or maybe it’s to sell more newsletter subscriptions, what better way than to call…

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Income Planning Nightmare? The Deathcross Stock Talk Podcast

  On March 14th, the S&P 500 triggered what technicians refer to as a “death cross” pattern. This pattern has historically been viewed as a bearish technical signal with such an ominous-sounding name. What is the “death cross”? Well, its signal is generated by a crossing in the S&P500 price…

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Stock Talk Update 3/18/2022

Unfortunately, there will be no Stock Talk for the week of 3/14 – 3/18. We will post our regularly scheduled Stock Talk for the week of 3/21 on 3/25, 9:30 AM CST. Thank you for understanding!

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Things That Lead – Early Optimism: Signs of Bottoms, Lows, and Pivots | Stock Talk

  In late October of last year in the first few of our first YouTube videos within Oak Harvests investment series, I covered 4 of the real time data series that we follow that were early warning signs of rallies and then followed it up with a video on 2…

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Conflicted Markets and High Volatility, Bring the Few True Buy and Mold Opportunities for Equities

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week has pushed the S&P500 beyond the correction line of -10% and into the -12% range from its November levels of 4700.  Early last November, was when we first discussed much higher volatility for the first half of 2022 and the likelihood of first correction…

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Stock Talk | Oak Harvest Market Outlook Summit

    Hey, I’m Chris Perras, Chief Investment Officer at Oak Harvest Financial Group in Houston, Texas. You might be joining us for our news or noise segment that we normally release on Wednesdays. We’re skipping that this week because tonight, at 6:00 PM central time, our whole team is…

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