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Pullback buying opportunity?

October 5, 2020

Market Update 2020-10-05. The S&P 500 rose last week by 1.5%.  Interest rates rose helping banks and consumer discretionary groups to lead.  Ongoing talk of another fiscal stimulus program led to a steeper yield curve and economically sensitive stocks led. The S&P is up about 4% on the year. Oil and energy stocks were once…

Markets Stop Downward Slide

September 28, 2020

Market Update 2020-09-28. U.S. equity futures are up the morning of Monday, 9/28 about 1.5%.  The S&P 500 is down 8% from the record high reached Sept. 2 and was down by as much as 11% at Thursday’s intraday low, marking a brief trip into correction territory. However, it hasn’t closed at or beyond the…

Normal Seasonal Upturn in Volatility

September 21, 2020

Market Update 2020-09-21. The S&P 500 is down about 2.5% this morning, in the wake of losses across the major global market indexes. Covid concerns are escalating. In turn, Treasury yields are lower along the curve, by more than 5 bps for longer-term maturities, and the US dollar is stronger.  As readers know, I hate…

Sensational Headlines… are Wrong

September 14, 2020

Market Update 2020-09-14. Equity markets fell last week about 2.5% with energy, technology and banks posting the biggest losses, but the S&P 500 remains up about 4.8% year to date and up 13.5% from last summers “buy zone in September.”  Last week, the S&P 500 saw its weakest breadth since late June with decliners outnumbering…

Update on Recent Actions and Market Events

September 11, 2020

Market Update 2020-09-09. Troy Sharpe, CFP®, and Chris Perras, CFA®, discuss recent market events, recent actions we’ve taken inside your portfolio and what to expect heading into Q4.

Timely Pullback

September 8, 2020

Market Update 2020-09-08. Equity markets rose early in the week on the back of continued month-end price agnostic retail ETF money flows, only to reverse course Thursday in what has come to be a very normal “deadzone” Q3 pattern.  In total on the week, the equity markets fell sharply from its Wednesday spike high of…

All Time Highs

August 31, 2020

Market Update 2020-08-31. Equity markets rose last week with the S&P 500 reaching the 3,500 mark for the first time, rising 3.3% last week on Chairman Powell’s dovish comments that the “Fed will run the economy as hot as possible to lift inflation moderately above the 2% target.” Basically, after 30 years of being wrong…

Closing the Economy does Not Work

August 24, 2020

Market Update 2020-08-24. Equity markets rose last week with the S&P 500 up 0.77% last week, led by cyclical groups industrials and technology.  This index sits at a new all-time high.  We will say it again, “can you say V-bottom”? This pushed the S&P 500 index to up 6.5% year to date and almost 18.5%…

Entering the Dead Zone

August 17, 2020

Market Update 2020-08-17. Rising volatility is ahead, but equity markets rose modestly last week, led by foreign stocks and the value biased Dow Jones Industrial Averages. The S&P 500 rose 0.7% last week, led by cyclical groups industrials and technology.  This index sits roughly 1% below its late February all-time high.  We will say it again,…

Equities Rise Ignoring the Media

August 10, 2020

Market Update 2020-08-10: Equities ignored the media and rose last week, as the economic recovery continues against the almost non-stop drone on TV of dire warnings and outcomes.  Earnings results beat low expectations. Yes, that still counts.  On the earnings front, more than 80% have topped Q2 expectations. What is hot? On-line video games, Apple…