How To Find Lost Money!


So the website is and how unclaimed property works. And every state has one of these sites. But what this website does is it searches multiple states, which is kind of unique.

Hi, I’m Troy Sharpe, CEO of Oak Harvest Financial Group, a certified financial planner, professional host of the Retirement Income Show and also a certified tax specialist. So I was shocked. I did a search here. I was preparing for this video. I said, you know what? I’ll put my name into the website here. And it ended up taking me to three different accounts I had. Two of them were where I lived in college and one of them here in Houston and over $300. Pretty impressive.

I hope you can do the same. So the website is and how unclaimed property works. Every state has one of these sites. But what this website does is it searches multiple states, which is kind of unique. So maybe you have a deposit with a utilities company from 15 years ago. Or I had one actually from eBay. I don’t think I even sold anything on eBay ever, but I must have opened an account sometime back in college. And also I had it looked like a couple of places where I used to live, a couple apartments in college where there’s some type of deposit, I believe that is in my name and it’s my money, so I’m going to go get it.

So all I did was a Google search for missing money. And it takes you to this website. And what I do is I enter my name here, and then it took me to the next page and it does the multistate search. Now, I haven’t claimed that property yet, but I saw specifically it said over $100. So this could be a lot more than $300 for me. But you have to fill out your information. Social Security numbers, verify it is you. Possibly send in an I.D.. I don’t know if this website or the people who put this together, they take any type of commission. I don’t know any of that. But once you enter your name here, you’re going to kind of get funneled to the appropriate databases, maybe on a state or local level.

You fill out the paperwork digitally and you commence the process of finding your lost money. This is lost money. This is money that you never had before. So the question becomes, as a financial planner, what are you going to do with it? Well, if you don’t have anything saved up yet, if you’re young, if you’re in college, if you have high interest credit card debt, use this money to pay off that debt. Don’t go buy the new iPhone. Don’t go, you know, make a down payment on a new car, whatever it is that you’re thinking about doing. Be responsible with this money, I implore you. Pay down debt. Open an investment account.

If you never have opened up an investment account and you have this free money. I don’t care if it’s $5. Use that money to open a new investment account. And it’s not about what that $5 will grow into, what it’s going to do. It’s it’s
going to get you into the habit of starting to save money and starting to invest. And this is one of the most valuable things you can do for your life. So please, if you find money, let’s do something smart with it.

Let’s pay down some high interest credit card debt. Let’s open an investment account. Start that habit. Set up an auto deposit from checking or savings in  your investment account.

Again, I don’t care if it’s a dollar a month that we’re transferring, it’s the habit which is most important to Bill. So please do that. And I wish you the best of luck finding your missing money. Hey, I bet you know someone who has missing money out there. So please share this video with someone that you know so they can find their missing money as well.

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