Interest Rates and Volatility


Equity markets were mixed last week with higher inflation readings at the top of minds for investors. The S&P 500 fell -0.3% as a -3.2% decline in consumer discretionary stocks was a drag.  Additionally, energy and utilities stocks also struggled. Ten-year Treasury yields rose modestly on the week but remain below the recent highs set last month and are basically flat for the last 3, 5, and 10 years. Two-year yields rose to new cycle highs on concerns that the Fed will move faster than first thought in 2022.

Year to date, energy has led the market gains holding around +50% alongside strength in WTI crude. Banks have rallied on a steeper yield curve. Technology continues its steady gains, posting gains slightly better than the overall S&P 500.  “Boring and stable” interest rate-sensitive utilities and consumer staples have been the laggards.

Interest Rates and Volatility

Interest rate volatility, more than levels, have led to a stall in the overall stock market the last 2 weeks.  We suspect this has another week of nervousness left, before the “greed” of missing out on a year-end rally and “chase” surfaces.

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