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Stock Talk with Chris Perras, CFA®, CLU®, ChFC® Chief Investment Officer of Oak Harvest Financial Group.

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Investment Management

Stock Talk: Keeping You Connected to Your Money
with Chris Perras, CFA®

Stock Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the Investment Team's perspective on what's happening in the market. Hosted by Chief Investment Officer, Chris Perras, each episode brings you our views on stocks, the market, and the economy, with a little education thrown in for good measure. Listen each week and help stay connected to your money! Also available on Spotify, Google Play, and Podbean.

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07.12.2019 – Introducing the Fictionary!

On the 7/12/2019 edition of Stock Talk, Chris Perras introduces a new educational tool up on Oak Harvest’s website,, entitled “The Fictionary”! Chris explains what the Fictionary is, how it can benefit investors, and also goes over a new “I don’t want to invest now because…”!

07.05.2019 – Calls for “TINA” Rejoining the Party are Media Spin

CIO Chris Perras talks about what “TINA” has to do with the media and Stock Market returns on the 7/5/2019 edition of Stock Talk!

06.28.2019 – 2019 Half-Time Show: Exit the Deadzone

On the 6/28/2019 edition of Stock Talk, CIO Chris Perras explains “the Dead Zone” and why it matters for the stock market. Chris also reaffirms out second half outlook and does a new “I don’t want to invest now!” segment!

06.21.2019 – 2H 2019 Outlook Part 2: “Goldilocks, or Go-Go-dilocks”?

In a “STOCK TALK ONLY” exclusive, CIO Chris Perras covers Part Two of Oak Harvest’s 2nd Half 2019 Outlook for the markets! Listen in and find out our view on whether “Goldilocks” is going to return to the markets.

06.14.2019 – 2H 2019 Outlook Part 1: “Let’s Get It Started…Slowly!”

CIO Chris Perras returns and, in a special “STOCK TALK ONLY” exclusive, dives into Part One of Oak Harvest’s 2nd Half 2019 Outlook for the markets! Join us for the discussion “Goldilocks: Let’s Get It Started…Slowly!”

06.07.2019 – The Breadth of a Pullback

Senior Portfolio Manager James McFarland guest-hosts the 6/7/2019 edition of Stock Talk and discusses the recent market action, how it relates to Oak Harvest’s view going forward, and covers the concept of “Market Breadth.”

05.31.2019 – The Name is Bonds…James Bonds

CIO Chris Perras devotes an episode to discussing the Fixed Income and Bond markets, and explains how different economic factors impact both bond markets and the stock market.

05.24.2019 – Spoiler Alert…We Called this in January

CIO Chris Perras recaps the year-to-date action in the markets and explains how what we are seeing now is in-line with our expectations as outlined in our First-Half 2019 Market outlook, and previews our view of what to expect over the coming weeks.

05.17.2019 – The Song Remains the Same

CIO Chris Perras takes a look at the current market circumstances, how Oak Harvest responds to changing market conditions, and argues that, yes, the financial media is still “Dazed and Confused”! Also featuring a new “I don’t want to invest now because…”!

05.10.2019 – From Melt-Up Calls to “Blame it on China!”

Chris Perras discusses just how fast the financial media can change their tune on the markets, the “dead zone,” China, and reiterates our view for the markets in 2019