MaxProtect with MVA 7

MaxProtect with MVA 7

Product Name

MaxProtect with MVA 7

Annuity Type

Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity

Issuing Insurance Company and Ratings

CUNA Mutual – CMFG Life Insurance Company - View details

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Product Information

The MaxProtect with MVA 7 is a deferred multi-year guarantee annuity issued by CUNA Mutual – CMFG Life Insurance Co.

This annuity is a premium banded product. The interest rate you earn will vary depending on the amount of premium you deposit (see Rate Details below). Currently, the highest 7 year guarantee period annual yield is 5.10% on premium amounts of $100,000 – $999,999.  This is the guaranteed annual yield, including bonuses if applicable, for the initial guarantee period term, up to the first penalty free full withdrawal window. The MaxProtect with MVA 7 has a full penalty free withdrawal window after 7 years.

During the time in which the annuity is subject to surrender penalties, there are policy provisions that allow partial access on a penalty free basis.
Beginning with the first contract year, and each year thereafter, this annuity provides up to 10% (noncumulative) of the contract value may be withdrawn from the annuity each contract year without penalty.

This annuity also waives withdrawal penalties upon death. Your named beneficiary(ies) will receive a death benefit equal to the full accumulation value. A beneficiary may choose to receive their death benefit in either a lump sum or select an available annuitization option.

Details on additional penalty waivers can be found in the Penalty Free Withdrawal Provisions section below.

CUNA Mutual – CMFG Life Insurance Co is rated “A” by A.M. Best, was founded in 1935, and has over $16.6 billion in total assets.

Rate Details

Nov 7th, 2022
Not Scheduled
7 years

Premium Amount: $100,000 - $999,999 High-Band

7 Year Guarantee Period Annual Yield: 5.10%
Interest rate start of year 1 through end of year 7: 5.10%

Premium Amount: $10,000 - $99,999 Low-Band

7 Year Guarantee Period Annual Yield: 4.80%
Interest rate start of year 1 through end of year 7: 4.80%

Initial Surrender Charge and MVA Periods

Early Surrender Charges: 7 years
Market Value Adjustment (MVA): 7 years
Penalty Free Full Withdrawal Window Available After: 7 years

State variations may exist, refer to product disclosure for details. 

Policy Details

Min Premium Non-Qualified: $10,000
Max Premium Non-Qualified: $999,999
Max Issue Age Non-Qualified: 85
Rate Lock on Transfers: 60 days
Death Benefit: Accumulation Value

Min Premium Qualified: $10,000
Max Premium Qualified: $999,999
Max Issue Age Qualified: 85
Subject to MVA: Yes
Income Rider Available: No

Penalty Free Withdrawal Provisions

First Year Withdrawals: 10%
Cumulative Withdrawals: No
Penalty Waivers: Annuitization, Death, Hospitalization, Nursing Home and Terminal Illness

Years 2+ Withdrawals: 10%
RMD Friendly: Yes

See product brochure, disclosure and riders for additional details, limitations and availability. State variations, age restrictions and holding periods may apply.

State Variations

Not available in:  CA and NY (as of 10/01/2022)