MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company

MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company

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Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Group
301 E Fourth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Company Information

Great American Life was acquired by MassMutual on May 28, 2021 and rebranded to MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company on October 3, 2022. They continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of MassMutual, which allows them to stay focused on serving the unique needs of their customers, while leveraging the investment capabilities and financial strength of MassMutual. Prior to being acquired by MassMutual, Great American Life Insurance Company was wholly or majority owned by American Financial Group since 1973. The company is licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia. It primarily writes both qualified and non-qualified fixed annuity products. In 2006, Great American introduced fixed-indexed annuities and has ranked as a top provider of these retirement products ever since.

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