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What is the Retirement Defense System?

The crucial element to any successful retirement is planning, and that’s why Oak Harvest Financial Group created our exclusive Retirement Defense System. The Retirement Defense System is your complete retirement financial solution, commonly referred to as an asset or retirement protection plan. Each System is uniquely developed by our expert staff of retirement specialists, to meet (and often exceed) your personal income, growth and safety goals in retirement. As Retirement Specialists, we know and understand the importance of guarantees, growth and safety in retirement. These are the benefits we build into every Retirement Defense System.

Thinking about planning for your retirement without expert assistance?

Attempting to cover every base in retirement can be a daunting and even dangerous task to take on alone—and the consequences could be disastrous to you and your loved ones. (We’ve personally witnessed the devastation countless times over the years.) Instead, protect yourself and your retirement by letting our dedicated team perform a careful analysis of your circumstances and create the most sensible retirement roadmap, customized for you and your family—at no cost or obligation to you. We eliminate the guesswork by asking you the appropriate questions and listening to your concerns.  As experts it is our duty to address and understand every aspect of your situation as it relates to retirement planning—aspects that traditional financial advisors often overlook.

What Comes With a Retirement Defense System?

  • Zero market risk. We never expose retirees’ assets to the risks of the stock or bond markets. We guarantee you’ll never lose another dollar you place with us due to market volatility.
  • Guaranteed income planning strategies. We can show you income strategies that will guarantee you NEVER run out of money—and protect you from inflation.
  • Social Security analysis. Social Security is an integral component of retirement income planning. Do you know the appropriate time to begin Social Security payments? Have you considered any SS strategies to optimize your income? Our analysts have extensive knowledge on this topic and they help retirees daily with this important and often confusing decision. Beware: The wrong strategy could cost you more than $100,000 of lifetime income!
  • Long term care protection. We have exciting solutions that can provide generous coverage WITHOUT wasting your money if you never need long-term care.
  • Life insurance review. Do you have the right coverage to accomplish your wealth transfer or living benefit goals? Let us perform an unbiased analysis–we can often show you a less-expensive solution with more generous benefits.
  • Estate planning & Business planning. We offer specialized business and estate planning services to higher-net-worth clients. Our lead analyst, Tom O’Connor, CFP®, has 33 years of experience assisting individuals with their advanced estate and business planning needs.
  • 401(k) & pension solutions. Tired of risky, high-fee mutual funds? Rolling over a 401(k) to a low-fee, safe, guaranteed growth vehicle has never been easier. Our professionals will provide a detailed growth and income strategy for your current or old 401(k) with 100% safety of principal.
  • Strategies for offsetting rising health care costs. Let us show you how you can minimize your health care costs in retirement by maximizing your income and protecting against inflation.   
  • Detailed annuity reviews. Variable annuity not working out as promised? Learn why variable annuities have been dubbed a “top scam for seniors.” We NEVER recommend variable annuities for that reason. We will provide a detailed analysis and educate you on potential solutions to protect your principal and increase income.
  • Early retirement. Thought you’d never retire? Let our retirement specialists prove you wrong! Become the next Oak Harvest client to retire–even if your traditional financial advisor said “no way.”
  • Zero management fees. Remember, you’ll never write a check to Oak Harvest for any of our services (excluding business planning). And you’ll never pay ongoing market or brokerage fees for any of our solutions.
  • Peace of mind. All of our work is designed to help you sleep well in retirement—you shouldn’t have to worry that your nest egg will suddenly disappear. With us, you’ll never feel that worry again.   

When Your Retirement Defense System is Ready

Once your complete, personalized Retirement Defense System is created, everything is laid out in a comprehensive—not complicated—format that your retirement specialist will explain thoroughly. You’ll have plenty of time to answer all of your questions before you make your final decision and take your Retirement Defense System home. Finally, you can have peace of mind when it comes to your financial security in retirement. You’ve worked too hard for too long to trust your precious nest egg to a securities market that offers you no security at all.

Getting Started

Just contact Oak Harvest Financial Group today! We’ll take care of the rest.