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Income planning is the most critical element to successful retirement planning. This is your foundation, your rock, your security. Knowing that you have a retirement paycheck coming in every year that exceeds all of your necessary and leisurely expenses, it really doesn’t matter what happens to the stock market.

Your lifestyle is secure because of that guaranteed paycheck which exceeds all your expenses every year.

Successful retirement living is not about aggressively accumulating wealth. Successful retirement  is all about intelligently distributing everything you’ve saved during your earning years, making sure your nest egg doesn’t die before you or your spouse.

At Oak Harvest Financial Group, retirement planning is something we take very seriously. It starts with asking you questions that evoke thoughtful discussion about your particular set of goals and circumstances at one of our 7 locations across the city of Houston. Then we help you create a budget. How much guaranteed income do you already have? What are your monthly expenses? Do you expect them to increase? Decrease? Are there any large purchases coming up?

Once we create a crystal clear snapshot of where you currently are, we can start to educate you about the instruments and strategies we use that provide guaranteed growth of 5-7% for income purposes and how we account for inflation.  If you have $40,000 in annual expenses today, you can expect that to double about every 17-20 years. You must account for this when doing income planning.

More times than not, people are shocked to realize how much guaranteed lifetime income can be provided while their principal balances continue to earn interest.

After the education is complete, the analysis of your particular situation will begin. Our Certified Financial Planner® will look at your Social Security and any pension options you may have through work; and help formulate the best strategy for maximizing both.

Once that is accomplished, we will look at which accounts make the most sense to withdraw from first. Is it your 401k’s and IRA’s? Or maybe it’s the money outside of your 401k or IRA’s. Getting this decision correct is crucial to maximizing your retirement income.

Retirement Planning & Oak Harvest’s Retirement Defense System

When our work is finished, you’ll be presented with your very own comprehensive Retirement Defense System that leaves no stone unturned. Your Retirement Defense System will stop the stock market losses and eliminate the potential of erosion to your nest egg by providing guaranteed lifetime income that increases as you age to keep up with inflation. It will explore and compare costs of innovative long term care and wealth transfer strategies. It is your complete retirement solution that eliminates market risk and provides a clear path for you to follow during retirement.