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Our Financial Educational Services are Your Best Defense

We at Oak Harvest Financial Group believe that you should take an active role in planning for your retirement. Your role begins with receiving a complimentary, comprehensive education on the various options available to you, not just the limited options presented by your current broker or financial advisor.

With our innovative strategies and safe, guaranteed solutions, you no longer have to pay ongoing brokerage fees or watch your account statements fluctuate with the volatile market.

In the past, retirement was often as simple as relying on a company pension and social security to cover expenses and provide a comfortable cushion. Today, retirement has been redefined. Only 30% of our population is fortunate enough to have a company pension, and social security checks may barely cover day to day expenses and will not keep up with inflation. With the very real possibility that you or your spouse will live well into your 80s and 90s, proper planning to ensure your family won’t run out of money or income is more important than ever.

Without an extensive background in retirement and estate planning, it can be overwhelming to plan for your retirement alone—and extremely risky to blindly trust your broker with your financial future. You must have a genuine understanding about all of your options prior to making your decision about what’s best for your family, given the amount of risk you can afford. There are many safe, guaranteed solutions and strategies available that your current financial advisor, institution, or broker simply won’t offer you. Why? Often, these safe solutions aren’t on their limited menu of investment options. Other times, telling you would present a conflict of interest. This conflict comes from the fact that brokers make their ongoing commissions and fees by keeping your assets at risk in the securities markets, not by protecting them.

Do not fall victim to the limited menu of options that your current institution is offering! You do not have to tolerate volatile market risk or settle for a product or vehicle that doesn’t maximize your income planning goals. It’s time to utilize your best defense against poor planning in retirement: Education.

Learn about us first

Your initial education takes place through multiple forums and venues. Whether it is attending one of our live Educational Events around the city, watching us on the Great Day Houston television show or KPRC Channel 2, or attending a series of educational webinars online, Oak Harvest will educate you far beyond your current level of understanding of the retirement marketplace and discuss various retirement strategies. Our mission is to help American retirees make informed, intelligent decisions when it comes to retirement planning.

Then, once you come in and see one of our Retirement Phase Specialists, your in-depth education will continue on a more personal level. Everyone has different circumstances, and we strive to pair you with a specialist with the appropriate personality and experience—a specialist who, along with our highly experienced Case Design Team, can provide the correct solutions and consulting to your retirement concerns.

Our process usually involves three appointments depending on your need for retirement education and the complexity of your situation. Some clients only need two or three appointments while others visit us multiple times over the course of a few months. We always proceed at a pace that’s comfortable for you, while providing enough education to help you charter a new, safe course in retirement.

Remember, the mission is education. The goal is retirement certainty, security, and prosperity.

Come join us on our mission to transform a financial industry that is fundamentally flawed. You will be thoroughly educated, enlightened, and exposed to financial vehicles and safe strategies your broker, advisor and banker hope you don’t ever discover!

Our Three Phase Approach:

Your First Appointment

You can expect multiple outcomes on your first appointment. What you will NOT receive is any financial advice, recommendations, or even discussion of specific financial products. The first appointment is a fact-finding meeting. We will learn about who you are, what your goals and dreams are, where you currently stand and where you would like to be. We will also teach you the facts about how and why your money is safe with the various companies we work with and the financial contracts they offer. If we both agree that we are a good fit for each other, we will schedule a time for your second appointment.

Your Second Appointment

Once we have a good idea of who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish, we will refine your goals and the details thereof and start your education about the vehicles and strategies that will be recommended by our analysts.

We have a team of financial analysts that constructs each “Retirement Defense System.” Your Retirement Defense System will only be as good as the information you provide, so it’s critically important to be honest and open with your advisor about all of your needs, wants, and goals. This enables your advisor to work with our analysts to construct the most comprehensive plan possible for your retirement.

Once the education on this appointment is complete, you will have a genuine understanding of how your money will be safe, secure, growing and used to meet all of your retirement goals  . If not, then we probably need a follow up visit to continue the education.

Your Third Appointment

By the third appointment, most of the education has been completed and you are now ready to receive your customized Retirement Defense System. The System is composed of the financial contracts that will help accomplish your retirement financial goals and dreams. Much time and work has gone into your Defense System at this juncture and it’s important to lock in the rates being offered at that time. Because of the dynamic economic environment in which we operate, interest rates are constantly changing and you do not want an adverse rate change blowing your retirement off-course!

As we’ve said before, our process is tailored to each individual client. Each person’s experience and time spent will differ according to their level of education and understanding. Some people can complete their education in two visits whereas others may need as many as five or six. It all depends on the pace at which you are comfortable.

Feel free to bring any family members or professionals (attorneys, CPA’s, financial advisors, etc.) along for the education if they help you make financial decisions. They must be in attendance for the second appointment if they are going to be there for the third appointment and presentation of your customized Retirement Defense System. This is to ensure they have also received the proper education and have had time to research and verify our facts.