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Oak Harvest Financial Group offers fee-based strategic business planning to companies in need of competent, professional consulting in Houston. One common characteristic of owning a small-medium sized business is that you spend most of your time working on or in your business. This means that the necessary strategic planning for the owner/executives is often overlooked. Many of these overlooked areas pose significant threats to the survival of the business and the people reliant upon it. with your inquiry.

Through our business planning process, we will identify areas of weakness or concern and start the process of transforming them into areas of strength. This translates into increased profitability while reducing liability and exposure. Business planning also helps to streamline financial processes which improve efficiency and business efficacy. This is an obvious win-win for our clients.

Our complimentary consultation will serve as a Q&A session so we can assess your current position as well as start to formulate a set of resolutions to the challenges you face, whether those challenges are known or unknown at the time of initial consultation.

The team of analysts that will be working for your business is led by Thomas O’Connor, CFP®. Tom has 33 years of experience helping business owners with strategic planning foresight and problem resolution. Tom’s vast experience and qualifications push him to the front of the room when it comes to strategic business planning. He is one of the country’s premier business planners and financial consultants and will be your partner in helping to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, your company, your executives and your retirement.

We encourage you to contact Oak Harvest today to schedule your complimentary consultation to create a clear path and a secure future for your business.

Some Business Planning Services Offered:


Our fees are based on the size and scope of the project with consideration given to the complexity of the situation, not necessarily on hours worked. This is a much more friendly arrangement and ensures that there are no “surprise bills” down the road. 50% is due upfront and the remaining 50% is due upon delivery of the complete, written plan. If you are unhappy for any reason, our service offers a 100% satisfaction assurance agreement which entitles you to a complete refund of your deposit and no further payments would be due.

We encourage you to contact Oak Harvest to request your complimentary business planning consultation today. There is no charge and no obligation for your initial consultation.