Common Questions about Retirement and Oak Harvest

What age groups do you work with?

We work with individuals who are thinking about and planning for retirement. This encompasses many age brackets, as people need this planning at various ages depending on their careers, motivations, needs and goals. Our average client age is approximately 60 years old. We have retirement-minded clients as young as their 30′s and as seasoned and experienced as 100+ years old!

In what other areas do you specialize?

We specialize in retirement accounts for individuals (IRA’s, 401k’s, 403b’s, 457 Deferred Compensation Plans, TSP’s, PSP’s, etc.) and business planning for the retirement needs of small to large companies. Everything we recommend for individuals and businesses has the fundamental concept of safety and protection of principal at its core.

How do we get compensated?

For Individuals: We receive a one time, upfront payment for placing your accounts with the various financial institutions we work with. This fee is paid to us from the marketing budgets of the financial institutions. Our compensation NEVER comes out of your accounts as 100% of your money goes to work for you from day one.

For Businesses: We operate on a fee basis for our financial planning services. After our plans are delivered and accepted, you have the option of keeping us on retainer for ongoing maintenance and support. For a more detailed description of these fees, please visit our Business Planning page.

Which products or strategies do you use?

We are armed with a multitude of financial vehicles to solve the challenges you face as an individual or a business. We are an independent company that does not have any ties to one particular strategy or vehicle. Instead, we rely on our analysts to stay abreast of the current offerings in the market and to perform an in-house comparative analysis of the features, benefits, and downsides of every vehicle. This is very important because of the dynamic environment we are currently facing. Companies are competing for your assets and they bring new vehicles to the market to offer as solutions. We compare and contrast the new vehicles, as well as the existing ones, with your goals being the overriding influence. Once a vehicle or vehicles are selected by our analysts, you can rest assured they were compared to everything available on the market and are being presented as the best solution to the challenges you face2.

Why not stocks, bonds and mutual funds?

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are securities investments that carry significant downside risks. They are designed for people who are looking to put their nest egg at market risk. Our clients are more interested in protecting and safely growing their nest egg, while distributing income to live off in their retired years. Not a single one of our clients lost any money due to market volatility in 2001 or 2008. We don’t recommend stocks or mutual funds because we don’t have to in order to get similar or even better results. More importantly, our clients usually know the outcomes of their financial contracts before they decide to enter them, thereby eliminating the unknown factor that is common across all securities like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Does Oak Harvest have minimum investment requirements?

We have clients with as little as $5,000 protected. We also have clients that have protected many millions of dollars. We say it’s up to you. What is the amount of money you would like protected from the volatility of today’s financial markets? We turn no retiree away because of minimum investment requirements.

Can you help with estate planning?

Yes. We are extremely proficient with multiple strategies designed to transfer wealth from one generation to the next. Whether your goals are to eliminate taxes, retain control from beyond the grave, shelter assets during your life, or simply have them pass with the least amount of headache and hassle for your beneficiaries. Oak Harvest is Houston’s leader in high net worth financial and estate planning.

Can you help me reduce the taxes I pay on my income?

Yes. We can explore multiple avenues to decrease and even eliminate the amount of income taxes you pay or will pay in retirement. Everyone’s situation is different and requires individual attention, but there are a multitude of strategies available for people looking to reduce the amount of income taxes they pay. By repositioning accounts, utilizing various laws and strategically planning for the future we can oftentimes reduce and/or eliminate income taxes altogether. The basic rule is: The sooner you start planning, the more we can reduce taxes.

What are some of the business planning strategies that are available to me?

We offer a wide array of business planning services.  Some of the more common are:

• Executive Compensation Agreements
• Employee Benefits Planning
• Buy-Sell Agreements
• Estate Equalization
• Loan Cancellation
• Cross Purchase Agreements
• Golden Handcuffs
• Golden Parachutes

Please see our Business Planning tab for a more detailed list and description of our services!