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    Oak Harvest Investment Approach

    For investors, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the steady stream of news about the stock market. Being inundated with data and news headlines that proclaim to be “market moving” can evoke strong emotional responses to even the most experienced investors. At Oak Harvest Financial Group, we work side by side with each client to filter out the noise, control what we can and tailor your investment portfolio around your personal goals. Your retirement plan or accumulation phase investment portfolio will be custom-designed to fit your individual needs and risk tolerance. 

    How can Oak Harvest Financial Group help you with your portfolio?

    1. We build portfolios to meet your individual goals and needs. Some investors rely on their portfolios and investments for cash flow to live on in retirement. Others, in the accumulation stage of life, simply want their net worth to grow over time while they still work and save money for future events. Regardless of what your end goals are, we choose tools independently to meet your specific needs. As a fiduciary, we work with clients to tailor portfolios that add value or increase certainty in your individual investment plan. 
    2. You will work with a firm with over 50 years of cumulative investment management and portfolio construction experience through both bull and bear market economic cycles. Throughout his 25-year investment career, our chief investment officer has been portfolio manager on the No. 1-rated fund in the country twice and the No. 2-rated fund over both three- and five-year periods, turned around a $13 billion mutual fund that grew to $33 billion under his tenure and managed a hedge fund to a small loss versus the market’s over -55% loss from mid-2007 through early 2009 — the “Great Recession.”
    You will get a disciplined and diversified approach to your investment portfolio. We diversify your investments by both asset class and globally. While we do not attempt to market-time, we do systematically adjust portfolio allocations where we see changes in the economic landscape affecting the dimensions of expected returns or when your individual portfolio allocation becomes misaligned with your risk tolerance. 


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