Who We Are

Retirement-Phase Experts

Our team of retirement-phase specialists are educators at heart. Oak Harvest’s retirement specialists undertake extensive IRA training that allows them to inform our clients of the little-known laws and rulings that can decrease your taxes, increase your income and pass on more of your nest egg to the people you love. Our retirement specialists will get to know you, and examine not just your assets, but also your goals, dreams and future plans to best determine a financial strategy.

99.5% of financial advisors are educated in the accumulation-phase of one’s financial life, and educated very little or not at all on the retirement-phase. Because of this, you are ultimately destined to utilize accumulation-phase financial vehicles for your retirement-phase needs and goals if you stay with traditional banks and brokers. It simply doesn’t fit. At Oak Harvest, we never try to fit a square peg into a round hole. And in retirement, you need safety, security, and growth-not the excessive market risk and ongoing fees of accumulation-phase financial vehicles.

After your first meeting with one of Oak Harvest’s advisors, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a proactive step toward a more secure retirement.

Client Transition and Client Services

This department of our firm is dedicated to making your transition from your current accumulation-phase financial advisory firm to Oak Harvest Financial Group, a retirement-phase specialist firm. Along with your new retirement specialist, you will have a dedicated Client Services Representative to rely upon who will facilitate administrative responsibilities, answer questions and be there for you every step of the way once you’ve become a client of Oak Harvest Financial Group.

This unique element provides a distinct difference between Oak Harvest and the majority of financial firms you may be familiar with. We understand the importance of your decision and have employed an experienced group of senior advocates to ease the transition and provide continuous support in close conjunction with your financial advisor.